Recruit and onboard better with Extended Reality

Written by: , All Things Media

One thing that separates successful companies from their competitors is their skill in onboarding new talent, then periodically training them on new products, services or skills needed to perform their roles. What recruiters and HR specialists across all industries are starting to realize, however, is that Extended Reality provides a fiscally responsible and ultimately more effective method of bringing new hires into the fold.

Whether your business involves manufacturing, customer service or anything in between, you should take notice of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other new technologies that allow you to communicate in an immersive digital experience and ask yourself:

Can Extended Reality help my business succeed?

At ATM, we believe the short answer for most companies is “yes” and here’s why:

Lower costs – This might seem counter-intuitive, but numerous recent reports have shown that the cost of onboarding can be reduced significantly when Extended Reality solutions are implemented, especially in industries where there are safety considerations and on-the-job training can prove difficult. Avoiding accidents and effectively training staff in simulators can positively impact the bottom line.

Better information retention – According to ATD (Association for Talent Development), when you train your staff using immersive, realistic environments that more closely resemble the actual work setting, there is markedly better retention and faster absorption of company information. In addition, the technology provides an on-demand option that allows employees to learn skills through repetition at their own pace, and for their employers to evaluate their performance.

Stronger employee engagement – Employees who are trained using Mixed Reality report a deeper connection with their teammates and better understanding of company culture and structure than those onboarded with more traditional programs. As reported by Vancouver-based Rise, some companies are introducing candidates to their office space, workflow and culture through VR experiences.

Regardless of your industry or budget, we at ATM believe a customized training or onboarding solution can help to move your business forward. We welcome an opportunity to showcase our full suite of services in the digital learning space. Please contact us today to schedule a demo or meeting with our team!