ATM offers Inspired Ideas to McGraw-Hill's teaching resources

Written by: Stephen Jackett, Chief Operating Officer, All Things Media

CEO Rob Spierenburg was asked recently to contribute to long-time ATM client McGraw-Hill's Inspired Ideas, a collection of teaching resources written for and by educators on the popular Medium website.

In his post, entitled The Virtual Revolution: Augmenting the Reality of Learning, Spierenburg reflects on his own experiences in the classroom and the incredible changes that have occurred since.

He weaves a concise but compelling history of the evolution of experiential learning while covering real-time 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

According to Spierenburg, his most ingrained memories from school involve those moments when learning moved past simple text descriptions and pictures. 

"I remember these things because I experienced them beyond a description and picture. I remember because I interacted with them either by manipulating them, building them, or simply by being in their presence."

In the same vein, new technologies are allowing educators to create lasting experiences right in the classroom.

To read the full article on Medium, click here.

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