ATM launches M.A.R.S. at ISTE 2019

Written by: , All Things Media

ATM just concluded a successful week at ISTE 2019 with our brand-new Multi-user Augmented Reality System (M.A.R.S.). We had hundreds of educators, content providers and thought leaders in the EdTech community visit our booth - and the collective response is that we've built something special.

Envisioned as a collaborative, cooperative experiential learning tool, M.A.R.S. in its first form includes a trip to the surface of (you guessed it) Mars, where users control rovers to build a basic habitat. But that just scratches the surface - bad pun intended - of what this platform can do.

"Soon students will be able to visit the ocean floor, view historic events and explore the inner workings of the human body without ever leaving their seats," says ATM CEO Rob Spierenburg.

Indeed, the M.A.R.S. platform was built to be adaptable to all types of learning environments, from the elementary or middle school classroom to a corporate retreat. Additionally, there's no subject area or topic that couldn't benefit in some way from this hands-on approach and collective experience.

Based on user feedback from ISTE and other recent product tests, ATM already has begun work on some product enhancements that we anticipate will be released in the coming months. In addition, we are actively pursuing subject matter experts across varied fields of study, with the goal of developing future game variants within the M.A.R.S. universe.

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