A Day in the Life of an Intern

Written by: Dan, Sales and Marketing Intern, All Things Media

After my first three weeks at ATM, I had already taken part in testing a variety of exciting applications for reputable clients, spent time hands-on with cutting-edge technology, and personally edited written content for both the company and their clients. The experience so far has been nothing short of enthralling, and I enter the office each day eager to begin new tasks the QA and Copywriting departments have for me. However, I’m only one of five other interns spending their summers with ATM, as well as the only newcomer in my department, which prompted me to inquire about how their experiences have been thus far. I got to spend a lengthy amount of time engaging in casual banter about our duties and expectations with interns from several departments, which led to both detailed introspection and hilarious “intern” stories. Here’s what the eclectic group of newcomers had to say about their time at ATM:

Dan (Sales and Marketing, UPenn): “I’m actually involved in real-world contracts; I feel like I’m doing things that matter. I was immediately surprised by the full spectrum of media being used; everything is new and evolving and it’s great to be a part of it. Everyone helps each other out; it’s a nice, cohesive environment that really thrives on a free-flowing atmosphere.”

Zach (Project Management, Norwich University): “It’s cool having an open, free creative space and there’s a nice flow to it all that keeps everything moving, especially knowing that there’s freedom. Everyone’s really approachable and geared towards understanding; it feels like talking to a friend where everyone is equal.”

Max (Programming, Northeastern University): “Once I branched out, I was having more fun. It feels like going to school every day and being excited to see your friends, despite the intensive work. But the unique thing is that you really care about the work you’re doing; you don’t work to just “clock out”, and staying late is never a burden.”

Rob (Programming, Rochester Institute of Technology): “While everyone here does a fair bit of playing and joking, there is an underlying sense that everyone here is a qualified professional, and I’ve never felt like I couldn’t find someone who could answer any question I might have, and it seems like every door is open and receptive to questions.”

As a fellow intern, it’s great to know that everyone is getting the most out of their experience, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re all excited for our future at ATM!