Lamar Jackson and the Pitfalls of Over-reliance on Data

Written by: , All Things Media

For those of you who follow the NFL, it's clear the Baltimore Ravens have secured a rare and unique talent in second-year quarterback Lamar Jackson. Picked as the fifth QB in the 2018 draft, he has exploded into the national spotlight this year and serves as a cautionary tale to anyone out there relying only on data to drive decision making.

Most NFL prospects endure close scrutiny at the pre-draft combine, where quantifiables like height, weight, vertical leap and 40-yard-dash times are carefully measured and then discussed endlessly leading up to the draft. And in those discussions, most had ranked Jackson lower than the 4 QBs selected ahead of him, which begs the question:

Were they all using the wrong metrics?

Ultimately, there's no exact science to drafting pro athletes, just as there's no single business decision that guarantees success. You can have "good data" in that it's technically accurate and still fall short of company goals or underwhelm your customers.

That's where All Things Media thrives: we help our clients balance instincts with market validation. We know how to use data to drive your success, but we also know when to "trust our gut" based on years of accumulated wisdom. We will help you test assumptions and iterate quickly to produce your most compelling products or campaigns.

The ATM method gives you the best of both worlds - data-savvy digital marketers who know that top results are more than just numbers.

Let us help you navigate in a data-driven world. Please drop us a line to tell us about your next challenge. You'll be glad you did!