ATM brings the fun to eLearning (honestly!)

Written by: , All Things Media

eLearning has been around as long as companies have been putting "e" in front of things. Almost every employee at one time or another has done some form of computer-based training, whether upon their initial hire or as part of a continuing education requirement.

And, in most cases, the experience was one they survived rather than enjoyed.

At All Things Media, we've successfully injected (dare we say it?) FUN into eLearning courses for almost two decades! Our clients, industry leaders ranging from Mercedes-Benz and BMW in automotive, to Pearson and McGraw-Hill in education, to New York Life on the insurance side, have benefited from our state-of-the-art approach to employee training.

Whether that solution involves traditional desktop, mobile, Augmented and Virtual Reality, or a combination of these platforms, our digital tools are designed to improve comprehension and retention, reduce overall costs and (we're seriously not kidding) bring some real enjoyment to what's often seen as drudgery!

We think it's time for you to leave old school training behind forever.

Drop us a line today and you'll be on the road to better eLearning in no time. You'll be glad you did!