Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Written by: , All Things Media

Do in-store interactive experiences really make a difference? Yes, they do!

ATM has developed and implemented dozens of different interactive displays, but one of our most successful is ATM’s proprietary Magic Mirror technology. Installed across the US and in 15 other countries our Magic Mirror has proven to:

  • Attract customers
  • Increase the amount of time spent in store
  • Increase direct product engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Make the customer experience much more fun!

A simple customer interaction that takes no explanation, the life size Magic Mirror characters spring to life when a customer approaches. Mimicking your every move, our Magic Mirror has engaged and entertained customers from 3 to 93!

Find out how ATM can use effective technologies to improve your customer experience. We have tested a dozen different types of technology in live retail environments. We know what works and what doesn’t… tap into our experience with a free consultation today!