5 Ways AR is Changing Retail

Written by: , All Things Media

Researchers project global spending on corporate AR solutions will reach $19B by the end of 2019.  Early adopters are already seeing a significant ROI as this new method of customer engagement continues to grow.

Here's where we've seen AR have the biggest impact:

  1. Small retail spaces no longer deter sales.  Kiosk-size installations or boutique shops now offer the same variety and volume as the big box retailers - without all the overhead.
  2. View, test and place in your home before you buy.  Want to see if that furniture will fit in your bedroom or if that paint color will look good on your walls? Customers save time while retailers save on returns and shipping costs, all while reducing their carbon footprint!
  3. Mobile retail spaces can "pop up" almost anywhere.  Buzz-worthy product launches are one way forward-thinking brands are engaging with their customers. But, what's really amazing about AR is that it can happen almost anywhere and doesn't require a large venue to make a big impression!
  4. Replace clunky manuals with real-time information or assistance.  Want to know what that error message on your dashboard or electronic device means? Learn new features and troubleshoot problems without having to seek out YouTube or an online forum. Think of the trees (and money) you'll save by doing away with those antiquated paper manuals.
  5. Try it before you buy it - Customize!  Sample almost anything to identify the shades, patterns or look that is right for you. Cosmetics and clothing companies are at the forefront of AR technology, and for good reason. Customers who test products before buying are more secure in their purchase, which reduces buyer's remorse and the frustrating experience of returning unwanted items.

The question about AR is not whether your business needs to adopt it, but how you will implement it. Savvy customers have come to expect it as part of their experience - and have deeper loyalty to brands that embrace it.

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