ATM Education Attends ISTE

Written by: , All Things Media

Last week, ATM Education attended the ISTE Conference, the largest education technology conference in the US. This year ISTE was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia where thousands of educators and education professionals attended. ISTE consisted of a large expo, technology playgrounds, lectures, workshops, poster sessions, and keynote addresses.

The expo featured hundreds of education-focused companies, ranging from small to large, to show the latest innovations and initiatives. The multitude of technology playgrounds demonstrated the latest digital tools and allowed attendees to interact with the technology as well. There were hundreds of lecture sessions to choose to attend. Well known speakers, as well as local educators, presented concepts used in the classroom, digital tools, and education mindsets.

ISTE provided excellent insight on the current education landscape. It was interesting to see the new technology that is emerging. While some of the lectures proved to be engaging, others failed to connect with their audiences. Lectures were not only to show off new technologies and digital tools for the classroom, but also served a motivational purpose for educators. The expo was very interesting. Many companies showcased 3D printers and demonstrated their abilities. We were able to mingle with our clients and see the direction of future initiatives.

The conference was an opportunity for our Education team to expand their knowledge on various digital tools, as well as understand the mindsets of current educators. The experience was informative. We look forward to going back next year and showing off our educational technologies!