ATM on Unity

Written by: Ryan Bailey, Supervisor of Programming, All Things Media

            Here at All Things Media we use Unity for a multitude of types of applications, which is different than how this program is commonly used. Unity is the dominant global game development software and is typically used as a game engine.  There are over 4.5 million developers using Unity and 600 million gamers playing Unity-based video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites.


            In addition to being one of the millions of Unity game developers, All Things Media is the leading digital developer in utilizing Unity in the non-gaming space on behalf of our corporate clients and their digital initiatives.  At ATM, we create our application experiences using Unity in order to utilize them on various platforms (such as Android, iPhone, iPad/iPad Pro, and desktop) so each device has the same coding behind the application. Building within Unity saves a great deal of development time, as we only need to create an application once for it to perform properly on multiple platforms; if a change or functionality update is necessary within the application we only need to make the change once in Unity in order to port it to every platform.


            The All Things Media team developed the smart car app a simple application where you can view all the various alterations one can make to a smart car.  ATM also uses Unity to manage our Mercedes-Benz AMG Power Wall initiative. All Things Media’s Power Wall application is two different Unity applications that communicate with each other through the networking system, which is typically used for multiplayer gaming. Instead, we are using one application as a controller for a giant multi-screen video wall that can display the vehicle in real-time 360-degree perspectives and can also change the exterior color, wheels, interior, and explode the vehicle to view technical components, all from your finger tips.


            All Things Media has used Unity with other clients as well, such as Toys “R” Us. Within Toys “R” Us we have a Unity server working with the multiplayer networking system, in order to coordinate a group of magic wands that activate various digital experiences on other Unity applications that are located throughout the store. You may think it sounds a little crazy, but it is definitely a must-see. Another ATM Unity experience installed at Toys “R” Us is a full-sized magic mirror. You or your child can walk up to the screen and see yourself transformed into an animated character, such as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Optimus Prime from Transformers. Your movements are tracked using a Kinect through Unity, so the character on screen will appear almost as a mirror of everything you do.


            The All Things Media team has led the way in utilizing Unity in the non-gaming space and we are just scratching the surface.  We are well on the way to developing amazing virtual reality and augmented reality content for our clients, and are excited about the future of this platform.  For more information, visit our website at