ATM on HTC Vive

Written by: Josh Vaughan, Developer, All Things Media, All Things Media

At ATM, we are continually testing and developing for the latest immersive technology. Virtual Reality technology allows you to completely replace your field of view with an entirely new environment, and while VR has been around for a while, the medium has had a rebirth over the past few years with several new players. The improved speed and improved graphics have made VR a much different and much better experience, but the instant ability to interact with the new VR environments is a game-changer. One of the leading VR systems is the HTC Vive; the first room-scale virtual reality (VR) device (basically meaning that it shoots lasers everywhere and then detects them). The HTC Vive controllers are positionally tracking all the time in VR. With mobile VR the experience is very limiting, where you are generally just looking around your surrounding space with little interaction. Though with the HTC Vive, you are able to create synthetic worlds that are much more robust and interactive; you can move around and have a much higher degree of fidelity.

For larger-scale companies, the HTC Vive is the next big thing. Since the price of the HTC Vive is somewhat expensive, bigger companies with more to spend and room to spare can create and provide interactive experiences for their customers or clients.

Though the HTC Vive has a large price tag, it may still be an excellent draw for individual consumers because the quality of the experience is so high. The best gaming experiences are going to be on this device, but if the HTC Vive is going to hit market-scale, it will need to support itself.

At ATM, we are well on the way to developing amazing virtual reality content for our clients, and are excited about the HTC VIve and the possibilities.