How social media can help build customer loyalty

Written by: Rachelle Huh, Sales and Marketing Intern, All Things Media

Social media has now solidified itself as an integral business component. With customers and businesses on the same platform, it has made client communication more personal than ever before. With these interactions now easily publicized, the impact of audience response can be both a tool or a hazard to business.

However, despite its pertinence, many small and large business alike still struggle to take advantage of social media's reach in their digital strategy. Just as social media offers the benefit of reaching out to the individual client, businesses struggle to represent their collective group on platforms meant for an individual user. In their focus on reaching out, they also lose focus on the main goal: increased revenue. How can companies professionally build a personable connection to their customers for profit?

A successful and trending solution is to personify the corporation. Representative individuals post on behalf of the company, creating "relatable" content while promoting their brand. They humanize the company's image by generating digital conversations with individual social media users, or potential customers. As the number of companies using this method increases, they also create competitive dialogue with each other’s digital personalities. They appeal to customers’ competitive sides as they ask for customer loyalty and to “root” for their company. This method has gained strong traction on Twitter, where fast food chains such as Wendy’s and Arby’s have gained thousands of likes while contending for supporting followers.

Instead of creating buzz by using their profiles, some companies let their products speak for themselves. Their internet profile essentially becomes a work portfolio, fostering customer loyalty. Subscribed customers receive updates on the company’s service and can view the company’s related products. This is common among digital companies, which are founded on innovation. Digital groups such as Fortnite and SONY attract millions of followers by providing continuous information on their new developments. A prime example of a mix of the two strategies is Discord, a messaging and call service for gamers. Discord has found their place by integrating witty remarks into their company updates.

In the digital age, forward-thinking brands must learn to leverage the individualized social media platform to their benefit. By creating strong connections to potential clients, social media can become a powerful tool in boosting a company’s success.

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