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We've been helping companies like yours rebrand for almost two decades. Now, we're excited to be official Expert Contributors for Best Company!

This week we provided our expertise in Alice Stevens' article on the subject.

Per ATM COO Stephen Jackett:

Once the purpose of a rebrand is known, the next important step is to identify key stakeholders who will need or want input or final say in the process. Having a clear understanding of who will own each aspect of the process will save you a lot of trouble down the line and allow you to proceed on a set schedule.

Concurrent with these steps, businesses should decide whether they have the in-house creative team to execute the design and copy-related aspects of the rebrand, or if they need to enlist the services of a third-party agency. In the latter case, they will need to find an agency with a proven track record in helping companies build or rebuild their brand.

ATM Managing Partner Rich Maharaj added:

With any new logo design or update, do your research, explore other designs within that industry, brainstorm ideas, and create lots of rough layouts. One of the simplest things many designers fail to practice is, "sleep on it" before you submit your work to the decision makers.  This is an important step in the process. You'd be surprised at the perspective you gain by simply walking away and revisiting your work with fresh eyes. Lastly, be your own worst critic and keep an open mind to other people's criticism. You will know in your heart of hearts whether or not the designs you're submitting are the best they can be.

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