DesignRush and ATM talk Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Written by: , All Things Media

DesignRush, which last year honored ATM with placement on its Best Digital Marketing Agencies list, recently sat down with us to discuss what we should expect in digital marketing in the year ahead.

Among our insights: 

  • Extended Reality, a term that encompasses both Augmented and Virtual Reality, will continue to grow exponentially, as retailers continue to see more value in addressing customers' needs. In particular, more brands are realizing the benefit of Extended Reality early in the purchase process, where users can learn about, view and otherwise sample products from the comfort of their homes or on the go with their mobile devices.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to make inroads in recreating personal shopping experiences. Brands that successfully harness this technology to bring nuanced, human-like interactions to their customers will thrive while those that aren't looking into AI solutions will be left behind.
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