5 Ways AR is Changing Education

Written by: , All Things Media

Today's students are quickly coming to expect immersive digital experiences as part of the curriculum. The benefits of Augmented Reality are numerous across many industries and subject areas, but education is a space in which the technology really shines. 

Here are some ways that stand out today:

  1. Complex topics literally jump off the page. Yes, cute Pokemons might be a more widely cited use of AR, but understanding the cosmos in a 3D AR space adds real value to the written description. Similarly, biology students might perform an AR dissection - with opportunities to learn and repeat with no setup or mess.
  2. Testing and evaluation. Both students and educators can receive real-time feedback on answers and gain true insight into how well someone has mastered a given subject area.
  3. Your personal history guide. Subject areas such as history, including architecture, sculpture and artifacts, can all be enhanced on location with AR. Rather than relying on a single expert, and without having to access proprietary systems used in some museums, students can engage with and learn from primary sources and real-world objects right in front of them.
  4. Textbooks optional - or greatly reduced in size! Every student knows a book bag full of textbooks can give you real back trouble. Not only are traditional textbooks bulky, but they are expensive while also becoming quickly outdated. AR versions that rely on simple markers are big space and cost savers for schools and parents alike.
  5. Individualized instruction. Teachers know that each student learns at a different pace. With AR solutions, this isn't a problem, as self-guided and self-paced instruction can customize content for an entire class with a single application.

The question about AR is not whether your institution needs to adopt it, but how you will implement it. Savvy students have come to expect it as part of their experience - and top educators are seeing its benefits first hand.

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