5 Ways AR is Changing Human Resources

Written by: , All Things Media

Augmented Reality has already made real in-roads to almost every aspect of HR, from recruitment to training to employee engagement. 

Here are 5 we think are here to stay:

  1. Job applicant orientation. Interviewing can be stressful, for both employers and candidates. To ease that process, AR enhancements can guide a job-seeker to a specific location in an office (help - where's the restroom!), or help them navigate everything from parking to front-desk security.
  2. Next-level office tours. Most HR personnel spend countless hours guiding new hires through their office space. With AR, employees can acclimate at their own pace, learning everything from company history to how to book a conference room by simply pointing their device at markers. With AR, employees can be provided access to safety precautions to avoid workplace hazards and improve processes to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  3. Step-by-step training...without the manual. Wearable AR allows you to see something right in front of you and simultaneously access important information about it on the fly. Consider the benefits for training new employees on complex, hands-on assembly tasks. Another benefit is that this solution is scalable and repeatable, without burdening a live trainer.
  4. Multi-office culture. Today, companies have offices in many areas and more and more employees are working from home. With AR, you can introduce fun and engaging ways for employees across different offices/areas a way to get to know each other and build relationships.
  5. Employee engagement and knowledge transfer. AR-based solutions can facilitate information flow on protocol, org charts, benefits and more. Even better, more experienced team members can be enlisted to share their wisdom in the system so that newer hires can learn from them, increasing a sense of engagement for both parties.

The question about AR is not whether your business needs to adopt it, but how you will implement it. Savvy employees have come to expect it as part of their experience - and have deeper loyalty to companies that embrace it.

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